Candy Land


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Once upon a time there was a boy called  Jack he would go everywhere his mum told him to go. However one sunny day Jack went to the beach with his family.  Jack only had three sisters and three brothers.

Jack was trying to find some sea shells when suddenly Jack found this wonderful shiny sea shell that was shinning like the sun. He thought of doing lots of thing with it, taking it to the museum, telling the manager saying “can I you put it on the top stage, then I will get rich!”

But when he touched the sea shell it brought him into Candy Land. I saw lots of things like candy people.



And then the Candy King, came he looked very tough and then he said “everybody bow down to your King” Then all of a sudden the Candy King said “You over there why are you not bowling down to your master?” Jack replied saying “because you are not my master” then the Candy King said “farewell.”.

Then the Candy King said “ I am going to take you to the cells” and when the Candy king said ever he means it.


Then he found a rock it was ant a normal rock it looked like a cave man rock because the rock  had drawing on it   then I found a stick then he shaped the rock. With the stick  he was surprise that when he threw it Jack got the shell and went home sweet home.    


The end   

LC:can you make your own underpants?


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Facts about Nicolas Allen


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Nicholas Allan is the author/illustrator of over thirty children’s books.

When he was 12 he made a model of a galleon out of a walnut shell which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.Nicholas Allan is the author/illustrator of over thirty children’s books.

Under Full Sail bt Nicholas AllanUnder Full Sail
by Nicholas Allan, Age 11

He wrote his first novel when he was 14, a story about a murder in a school. He sent it to Macmillan who, although they did not accept it, asked to see his next. Nicholas studied painting at the Slade School of Art. During this time he had his first radio play broadcasted by BBC Radio 4. He then completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia.

Nicholas worked as a waiter, three weeks in a publisher’s office and as a part-time teacher of a life class before he published his first book, The Hefty Fairy (1989). Since then he has been a full-time writer and illustrator. Many of his books are bestsellers,  including The Queen’s Knickers, Father Christmas Needs a Wee, Jesus’ Christmas Party, Cinderella’s Bum, Heaven, and Where Willy Went. His books have won awards and been translated into twenty languages (see below). He is also the author of Hilltop Hospital, a book that has been adapted into a BAFTA-winning television series for CITV. The series has been shown in over forty countries.

When I meet Nicolas Allen I will ask him…..

1.) How old are you?

2.) What inspired you to become an author?

3.) Why do you write funny stories?


Nicholas Allen


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what is your favourite   books  form Nicholas Allen?